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Survive The Nights Server HostingSurvive the Nights is a brand new FPS game with survival at its core. Survive The Nights Server Hosting gives players the ability to create buildings and structures as shelter from the elements, and whatever else may be roaming outside. Gather food, water and any other supplies you may need to survive with a full food/calorie system. Balancing the amount you eat and drink with how much you burn will be key to survival, with each and every day bringing its own challenges and problems that must be overcome. Trapping, hunting, fishing, and foraging are just some of the ways you will be able to gather food to keep yourself from starvation, as well as scavenging for more man-made resources such as canned and dried goods. As for hydration, find streams to fill your bottles with water, or activate well pumps in houses once you are more established. Keeping yourself fed and watered will help you stay more alert, with faster movement, aim, and larger carry weight.

Diet isn't the only thing that you will have to balance, as the climate will also take its toll on your body if left unchecked. Start campfires when out in the wild, and find ways to power your home heating system if you have one. Players can be struck by a range of ailments, such as broken limbs or severe cuts and bruises. Not only will you have to be careful of those, but killing too many players will result in a mental breakdown, leading to hallucinations and voices in your head. Everything from weapons to machinery and vehicles can be scavenged and crafted, with a full system that will allow you to repair and modify as you see fit. Vehicles and machinery aren't guaranteed to be found in full working order however, and you will often have to scavenge for parts to get them up and running smoothly.

An XP and levelling system will also be featured in the game, with player leader boards and achievements just being a small part of the overall multiplayer experience. The leveling system will be implemented in a classic manner, i.e do something lots and you will get better at it. Hunting will improve trapping, shooting will improve accuracy, trapping will increase your return rate, and fortifying repeatedly will improve your carpentry skills. This should appeal to a wide range of players as it is very pick up and play, but with plenty of headroom for more advanced strategies and playstyles. This will all be paramount to surviving what comes at night, which will test players to their limits. The game is available to pre-order now, so pick it up and find out, how many nights will you survive?

Survive The Nights

A new FPS survival game by a2z Interactive, Survive The Nights will test players to the extreme. Keeping yourself fed and hydrated are only part of the problem, as you will have to prepare for what comes at night! Check out the latest video:

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